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              Franchise Policy

              HIKARI aims at assisting, protecting and cultivating our global agent alliance

              We intend to build up the HIKARI League with all our agent partners, for which, a series of strict regulations have to be seriously obeyed with HIKARI guiding all the league alliance.

              Franchise Advantage

              1. Industry Technology

                Industry Technology

                Industry technology

                accelerate the development on the road of technology and product innovation. Normally speaking, the investment of HIKARI into research and development accounts for around 5% the gross annual sales value.

              2. HIKARI IoT

                HIKARI IoT

                HIKARI IoT

                HIKARI Cloud service will provide global users with big data platform for precise and initiative services.

              3. Team of Professionals

                Team of Professionals

                Team of experts home and abroad

                Hikari owns a team of senior management with a enrollment of over 10 years and 15 industry level specialists and additional foreign professionals.

              4. Industrial Robot Technology

                Industrial Robot Technology

                Industrial robot technology

                One person can simultaneously operate multiple machines, so as to improve production efficiency and reduce labor cost.

              Franchise Application

              Please be guided to fill in your contacts and company information as prescribed in the follow form, we shall get in touch with you as soon as possible.
              Should you need more information, please feel free to inquire calling 021-63711111
              or leave messages to E-MAIL: HIKARI@CHINAHIKARI.COM
              1. CITY City
              2. NAME Name
              3. POSITION Position
              4. COMPANY Company
              5. PHONE Phone
              6. E-MAIL E-mail