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              These International clothing "Giants" have joined hands with Chinese brand Hikari

              May 31, 2022

              Why choose Hikari among thousands of brands? Is it because of the noble appearance of "Hikari Purple"? Or the unique charm of Hikari technology?

              For the International clothing "Giants", the most important thing for them to choose the object of cooperation is to create more value for the enterprise.

              Seemingly temporary cooperation is not achieved overnight.

              In 2006, the history of the global sewing equipment industry was rewritten by Chinese Enterprises: Toyama pioneered the global oil direct drive computer flat car, rewriting the history of Chinese sewing machine technology from imitation to creation.

              Since then, Hikari has a place in the International sewing industry, and subversive products have been produced continuously, contributing to the development of the textile and garment industry.

              Over the past 16 years, Hikari, which focuses on the development of the industry, takes innovation as the gene and enables each product to have updated technology, and with the confidence of China's high-end computerized sewing machine, has continuously cooperated with one International clothing brand "Giants" after another.

              One of the International clothing brands has a factory with tens of thousands of people. On its assembly line, "Hikari Purple" connection is in full bloom. Among them, multi needle machines have been purchased batch after batch.

              16 years ago, on the production and processing lines of these International clothing brands, there were only a few International brand sewing machines and few Chinese brand sewing machines;

              16 years later, Hikari, which has many of the world's first products, continues to replace international sewing machine brands.The reason is that Hikari, which shares the same origin with most parts of international sewing machine brands, can provide high-quality sewing machines such as International brand, and even lead other International brands in some technologies. In the competition of similar products, they often win with higher efficiency and higher quality.

              Hikari, with innovation as its gene, can always create different products among similar products - focusing on clients needs, solving clients pain points with technological changes, continuously improving sewing quality and efficiency.

              Hikari has been in a leading position in the products, in the case of leading technology, still continues to update the technology through various cooperation reserves, so as to maintain the strategic concentration of advanced technology.

              For the "special customization" proposed by some International garment brand enterprises, Hikari also shows the "breadth" and "thickness" of technology tailored for them, and can continuously expand the application scope of these special machines.

              This is Hikari, leading the market with technological innovation and winning users with technological innovation

              This is also the deep-seated reason why more and more International clothing brands "Giants" join hands with Hikari.