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              Taking innovation as core, service as root and quality as basis, HIKARI is devoted to creating a world-class high end brand with national dignity, as much as HIKARI wished to become one of the real participators and facilitators to promote the history of human society.

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              Training Support


              Professional service team

              HIKARI possesses a service team who are professional and persistent. With the deployment of global service network, HIKARI service team react instantly to any request so as to bring endless satisfaction to our customers.


              HIKARI professional after-sale training, rest assured that

              each product sold out to global customer would be used well. Replacement is available once necessary service does not effect. You are still entitled to request for unconditional return and refund when HIKARI after service does not meet your satisfaction.

              Technical Support

              1. HIKARI IoT

                HIKARI IoT

                Hikari Cloud: Based on IoT Technology, Hikari Cloud Service enables products of remote data transfer and configuration and remote monitoring, acting as the big data platform for precise and initiative.

              2. Technology Advantage

                Technology Advantage

                Technology Advantage: Automation replacing traditional tricky techniques in apparel manufacturing, simplified and specialized solutions to combine industrialization and informatization.

              3. APP


                Production data in remote transfer and monitoring. Hotkey configuration for function synchronization. Remote repair request. Exclusive customer service support.

              Download Support

              1. User's Manual/Instructions
                User's Manual/Instructions
              2. Spare Parts Catalogue
                Spare Parts Catalogue
              3. Maintenance Tutorial
                Maintenance Tutorial


              Oriented with customer need, HIKARI is dedicated to constant intensive research of products with high-end customization, so as to cater for customers need for function and performance.

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